The Story Behind

I still remember the day I cleared my IELTS exam, My teacher Mr. V.P. Subramanian suggested me to go through the Canada and Australia PR process. There had been many cases of forgery by our local city immigration consultants and that’s where his idea of helping his students in Canada PR process to make them understand the process in detail, struck me and without wasting a single minute, I started digging.

I designed a sure-shot and easy way of documentation of an application. Being from an IT background, I created an algorithm and all those IT documents, plans, excel blah blah blah… which I should not discuss here.(laughs) During that, I found several loop holes or what you can say hidden aspects which were never revealed by any consultant to their clients. Most of the applicants never know the real work done behind their application and the reasons for an application on hold or to know the exact status.

With all that information loaded on my I-pad (thanks to Steve Jobs), I started visiting Opera IELTS institute (General Exam) students on daily basis and guided them through basic rules and regulations about PR filing. Moving away from conventional methods (asking clients to visit your office then offer tea/coffee and talk about first installment and all), I started helping each applicant in their Educational Credentials Assessment evaluation without any charges. Yes, that was the deal. Helping everyone without any fee, to learn and excel. I started getting queries from those applicants whose files were in progress or stuck and It was great to help them in resolving their issues.

This slowly expanded to neighboring states and the number of queries increased exponentially. By this time, I had already submitted my PR application and was waiting for PPR (I know the feeling by reading it) email. I still had some time in India, so to utilize that I created several whatsapp, telegram and wechat groups where-in I was helping various applicants globally. When I discussed all of my work back to Mr. Subramanian, he encouraged me keep on doing it even after moving abroad. So here am I.

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