Ok, so this is one of the most talked about Immigration Program among everyone. Every applicant who is stuck in IELTS or Masters ECA has thought of this and due to insufficient information, they have to step back. Even, most of the consultants do not share enough information. Just because it is a little complicated or you can say there is more to charge an applicant through this program. Lets be frank here, technically, an applicant should not be charged for this program however looking at the number of applicants who want to immigrate to Canada, various people are charged a lot of money and I do not deny the fact that people have received Permanent Residence as well. So, the golden question, is it possible? Can you immigrate through this program? Is it easy or complicated? Can you apply yourself? Benefits? What else you should know?

I got this topic on my last webinar, and it seems there are many applicant’s who would like to understand this in a better way. I will try to put as much information I can, so lets go through this one…

AIPP Programs

This program is intended for Students graduating and living in Atlantic Provinces (at least 16 months in 2 years before getting degree). No work experience is required to apply.

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This program is intended for Skilled workers under NOC 0, A or B. The applicant should have 1 year of continuous work experience in last 3 years under one NOC.

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This program is intended for Skilled workers under NOC C or D. The applicant should have 1 year of continuous work experience in last 3 years under one NOC.

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This is the first step which where each applicant should check whether he/she is eligible to apply for AIPP Program. And the best part is, almost everyone is eligible. You will be astonished to read following eligibility criteria.

Participating Provinces

Step by Step Procedure

AIPP program has a certain procedure to follow. This procedure is very much explained on IRCC website, however I will try to list it down below for your reference:

  1. Yes, the first step is to find an employer who is interested in hiring you through AIPP.
  2. Then that employer has to submits an expression of interest to hire you to the specific Provincial Immigration Office
  3. Further, the employer contacts settlement service provider organization and will commit the job and prepare an intended workplace for the applicant.
  4. After this step, the employer has to apply at Provincial Immigration Office to become a designated employer
  5. This is the step where the employer is ready to give you an offer letter.
There is no fee to become a designated employer. Once this phase is over, almost half of the work is done. Next is just documentation and processing.
  1. To begin endorsement, the employer will connect the applicant with settle service provider organization (which was used above) and that organization helps in preparing a settlement program for the applicant and family (if married).
  2. The settlement program is shared between the employer and applicant and Employer has to finalize the provincial endorsement application.
  3. This application package contains job offer and settlement plan and employer submits this package to the Provincial Immigration Office.
  4. Once approved, the applicant receives the endorsement letter and its party time.
  1. After receiving endorsement letter, the applicant is ready to submit PR application. Yes, Its a paper application. Since there was no ITA or Express Entry profile involved, this type of PR application is paper based
  2. So, submit PR application with required documents as mentioned in the application package.
  3. IRCC generally takes 6 months to approve.
  4. Once approved, the applicant can land to that Atlantic Province and start job.
  5. The interesting fact is, the settlement service provider organization helps in finding a renting place, family settlement and many other things.

How to Target this program

Since you know the procedure now, Lets see how can you target this program. There is a lot of information scattered over internet, so lets see what are the best ways described:

Check with your employer

Each province has a list of employers which are designated already. So, if you are lucky enough, and your employer is already working out of Atlantic Provinces, they can issue you a job offer which does not require an LMIA and that’s it.

Contact Employers in Atlantic Provinces

Its like a job hunt. There is always a requirement for workforce and Atlantic Provinces has made it easy to search in their job portals. If you are able to find a job relevant to your profile, the employer can be contacted for a job offer. This really has worked for one of my friend, so you guys can give it a shot.

Traditional Immigration Consultant Way

Now this is true. Get in touch with registered immigration consultants based out of Canada who have connections with Atlantic Provinces’ Employers. Since they have more access to local employers then someone searching for a job from outside.

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I will end my blog here, hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please type in comments below.