Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducted an invitation round on March 18, 2021 and as expected it was for CEC applicants. This was a the 9th round of 2021 and once again FSWP applicants are not invited. This draw was again focused on Canadian Experience Class applicants. Read more below to know what happened.

Well on March 18, 2021 at 6:30 AM CST, IRCC invited 5000 number of applicants to apply for Permanent Resident Application with a minimum CRS score of 449. The tie breaking was February 19, 2021. Big surprise once again for CEC applicants however FSWP applicants are still waiting for their time. They just have to keep their hopes high and sit tight in the pool for an invitation. Amid this pandemic, IRCC continues to function on Immigration which is remarkable. Lets see further into the number of applications in the pool to understand the situation and predict what will be the CRS in upcoming days.

CRS score range# of candidatesAfter removing invited applicants

As of March 19, 2021, after removing 5000 applicants under CEC and 183 under PNP category throughout difference CRS ranges, This is what the outcome should be. Since the number of invitations was good and CRS was at normal value, the validation of this data will be on the upper side, nonetheless this is the most closest to the actual numbers.

Now the number of express entry profiles in range 471-480 is 6158. Therefore, by considering 4000 FSWP invitations in upcoming round of invitations, we can expect the CRS to be in 475-480 range. Do not forget, the regular FSWP round has PNP and CEC included as always. This prediction could be wrong, as the table of data used above was from the dump taken on March 15,  2021. And until the next dump, newer applications could be added to this. And that will be the only reason for this predicted score to go wrong, Unless IRCC has some big surprises in future. All I can say, fingers crossed and all the very best to everyone. 

Predicted CRS for upcoming round of invitation: 477