IRCC is resuming Express Entry invitations

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IRCC is resuming Express Entry invitations

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IRCC is all set for round of invitations this year after such a long break. Finally, IRCC is resuming Express Entry draws. This was confirmed on April 22, 2022 by IRCC’s official twitter handle.

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Why is it starting now?

An application at IRCC has to go through different stages for an approval. Like Eligibility, Security, Background Check, Inadmissibility etc. An applicant has all the rights to know at which stage the application is at any moment. The status of an application also helps the applicant to prepare for any additional documents, IRCC may request. During this ongoing Pandemic, a lot has changed and there has been a severe impact on the processing of Immigration Applications. IRCC is trying to keep up with however the application count is piling up. Lets not get into that, and we should learn how to check the status of an application.

Everyone knows, IRCC assigns a Unique Client Identifier (also called UCI) to each application being submitted at IRCC by an applicant. Initially UCI number was 8 digit long however now-a-days its 10 digit long in format XX-XXXX-XXXX. This number is assigned once the application is accepted by IRCC. Remember, if the application is incomplete, then UCI number is never issued. Now, from a UCI number it can never be identified if the application is for Visit, Work, Study etc. That’s why each application has an “Application Number”. Its again unique however it starts with one or two alphabets followed by a 9 digits. 

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