IRCC is resuming Express Entry invitations

IRCC is all set for round of invitations this year after such a long break

Finally, IRCC is resuming Express Entry draws. This was confirmed on April 22, 2022 by IRCC’s official twitter handle. 

Why is it starting now?

IRCC is unpausing Express Entry draws to support the Canada’s economic growth and to help addressing the labour market shortages. Everyone is aware about the highly qualified and skilled applicants being part of the Express Entry system. These applicants have been waiting for more than a year now. So this is really an exciting news for every PR aspirant.

Profile count at present

As I am writing this blog, April 11, 2022 there are a total of 200,924 profiles in Express Entry system. By looking at the numbers, the first invitation round should set around 500-550 number. Historically, the invitation count stays around 4000 so even if IRCC invites a chunk of 6000 profiles, the CRS should stay above 500. And soon, it should drop to 470-480 range. I am really being optimistic here. Lets see what comes in future.