Whats new in Caregivers Program


Whats new in Caregivers Program

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IRCC renewed the old Nanny Care programs into Home Child Care Support and Home Support Worker Pilot programs and till now many applications have been submitted.

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What is a Caregiver Program? (Background)

Launched in year 2019, IRCC started two well known Pilot Programs as HCCP (Home Child Care Pilot) and HSWP (Home Support Worker Pilot) and since it has started, there has been an exponential spike in Caregiver applications. These programs are direct entry to become Permanent Resident of Canada. These programs are outlined as Pilot for 5 years ending in Year 2024.

Whats new?

After almost 6 months, there is some sort of movement in HCCP and HSWP programs.On Dec 21, 2021 IRCC released a number of publications and instructions which I will try to explain in detail. Since these are pilot programs, certain changes and standards were expected. These may bring some hope for backlogs and an easy path for future applicants.

This was already in place however some minor tweaks are made. For each Immigration Application, IRCC creates a GCMS (Global Case Management System) file which contains the notes of the Visa Officer accessing the application. It also has application updates like Biometrics, Medicals, Security, Admissibility etc. In this update, 

An application can submit multiple applications e.g. one in HCCP and one in HSWP however the applicant has to decide (after work permit approval) which application should be considered for PR after 2 years. The applicant can withdraw the file for refund only if the processing has not started yet.

There are no major changes. The only difference is, previously, if there were some applications returned due to incompleteness, IRCC planned to re-open the quota to fill the difference however with these new instructions, this condition is removed. Now, First 2750 applications will be considered, and even if any applications are returned (due to incompleteness), the program will stay closed for the year.

Is there any change in Language Requirements?

No, there is no change. IRCC is still accepting CLB 5 as minimum language requirements.

One important aspect which I have noticed, IRCC is repeatedly talking about Admissibility. Lets put these admissibility points in a list:

Is there any change in Fee?

There is no change in Fee for both programs.

Is there any change in the forms?

There are no changes in the application forms. In the Application Package, iRCC has added the Temporary Resident Visa form (IMM 5257) which was missing earlier. This is applicable for kids less than school going age for the Province under which the work permit is being applied.

What is the processing time?

Check the latest processing times HERE

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