Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducted an invitation round today and it is full of fun. This is the second Canadian Experience Class (CEC) round which is only focused on applicants who are presently either working in Canada or have Canadian work experience updated in their applications. Lets see the score first and then I will detail about it.

Today at 9:22 AM CST, IRCC invited 4,626 number of applicants to apply for Permanent Resident Application with a minimum CRS score of 454. The tie breaking rule is still at July 23, 2020. No surprises, this is the second time when consecutive invitations have been sent at the beginning of this beautiful year. Just being optimistic, a lot to do this year. Anyways, sending more than 4500 invitations really mean, IRCC is up to reducing the Federal Skilled Work Program (FSWP) CRS score so that maximum applicants get benefit. Even those who are still stuck in the express entry pool for a year or so. Lets dig in more deeper into the number of applications in the pool to understand the situation and predict what will be the CRS in upcoming days.

CRS score range# of candidatesAfter removing invited applicants

As of January 18, 2021, after removing 4,626 applicants under CEC category and 374 from PNP category (as the previous round was only targeting PNP applicants), the express entry pool is left with something similar to the table as you see above. From previous experiences, I have observed the CEC applicants usually fall under a CRS of 450 – 490 (avg).

Now the number of express entry profiles in range 461-470 is 7198 which is more than 4000 mark (avg invitation round CRS under express entry). Moving further in the same vein, there are 1623 profiles above 471 CRS. So, keeping these figures in our mind, we can predict the CRS for upcoming round of invitations. This prediction could be wrong, as the table of data used above was from the dump taken on January 18, 2021. And until the next dump, newer applications can not be added to this data. Due to this reason, the number predicted below could be wrong. All I can say, fingers crossed and all the very best to everyone.

Predicted CRS for upcoming round of invitation: 467