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CRS Draw Feb 02, 2023

Here comes the fourth invitation round of Year 2023. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has conducted an invitation round on Feb 02, 2023 and the CRS has decreased to 489. This is the first back to back round of the year 2023. This was a pre-Covid19 trend, however it seems IRCC is coming back with a bang this year.

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What is a “CRS”?

This is what gives each applicant a clearer picture about their stance in Express Entry System. CRS score is calculated with various factors. Age, Education, Work Experience, language proficiency, Job offer and relative. There are more factors which are applicable for different situations. A total of 1200 CRS points are available out of which first 600 are for Core and rest 600 additional points are for Canadian Education, Canadian Work Experience, Sibling living in Canada, Job Offer and PNP nomination.

What is a “CRS round of invitation”?​

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) conducts biweekly an invitation of round during which a CRS number is released and those applicants who have CRS greater than or equal to, gets invitations to apply for Permanent Resident Application. The Invitation rounds are conducted throughout the year. Generally its every second Wednesday. However, I have seen various invitation rounds conducted on Mondays as well. I call them “Surprise round” also known as Back-to-Back invitation rounds

Its funny though many applicants call this process as a DRAW. However, this is not the correct word to define since in a draw, only Lucky applicants get invitations while in “Round of Invitations” those applicants who have a higher score will be invited and every applicant is already aware of CRS before hand.

CRS Round Details

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